• Brand:Little Actress
Toy juicer and toaster Breakfast Machine YY6016-1
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Brand: Little Actress


Size: Сокоизтисквачка 11/ Тостер 14xСокоизтисквачка 10.5/ Тостер 7xСокоизтисквачка 19.5/ Тостер 10 см

Size folded: cm

Case size:

Envelope size:

Sheet weight:

Package size: 29.5x12.7x23.7 cm

Mattress size:

Weight kg: 0.67




Recommended age of the child:

Newborn basket size: см

Car seat size: cm

Maximum weight kg:

Age: 3 години +

Rechargeable battery :

Maximum speed

Seat positioning:

Warranty: years

Material Wheels/Size:

Bearing type:

Material construction:

Breaking system:

Rudder width/height:

Platforma material/size:



Product description
Intended for children above 3 years of age.
Place the bread loafs in the toaster and press the lever down.
Turn the knob of the toaster to the right and after a few seconds the toasts will pop up.
Turn the knob of the juicer and it will start working.
There will be sounds with lights.
The toy works with 2x1.5V AA size batteries.
They are not included in the box.