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General Terms

When you visit, review or use the internet site http://moni.bg, you state that you are aware of and accept the rights and obligations specified on it as a legal equivalent of a written agreement signed between the parties and you agree to observe the terms of this agreement. Moni online shop reserves its right to amend those terms at any time and on any ground and if you continue to use this site after such a change, this is deemed to be consent and acceptance of the changed terms of this agreement. This site uses cookies. For its correct functioning, you should activate cookies in your browser.

http://moni.bg is an online shop for the sale of baby’s and children’s merchandise. http://moni.bg is owned by the company MONI TRADE LTD, registered address: the city of Sofia, Himsnab, 1 Skladova Baza Str., UIC: BG131452175 and Asset Manager: Adel Kiseruan.

The information published on http://moni.bg is for free public access in Internet.
The items in online shop http://moni.bg should be purchased by the users at the prices announced in the relevant currencies, VAT included, and free of included price of delivery, and under these terms, published in Delivery and Payment.

User Registration and Personal Information Protection

In online shop http://moni.bg, the users are divided into unregistered users (guests) and registered users.
With your registration in Moni online shop, you get the chance to become a VIP user and to benefit from our special offers and promotions.

The registered users provide voluntarily their personal information in the course of the registration on the site.

Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Law, the registered users have the right of access and change of their personal information as well as to request from http://moni.bg that their user account is closed.
http://moni.bg has the right to send advertising messages in the form of electronic bulletin (newsletter) to the e-mail account specified in the course of the registration by the registered users. The registered users have the right to voluntarily refuse to accept advertising messages and for this purpose, click on a link which is on any of the electronic bulletins received by them.
http://moni.bg will not provide the personal information of the registered users to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes as well as for any other
reasons except if they are requested by authorities related to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In case of failure to observe the terms for use of online shop http://moni.bg  and violation of the ethics, the administrators of http://moni.bg have the right to limit the access of the offenders to the online shop.

http://moni.bg preserves the right to change these terms at any time without a prior notice and the amended terms will be published on this site.

These General Terms for Baby’s and Online Shop Moni have mandatory effect both for http://moni.bg and for its users. They all are considered notified and agree with all changes as of the date of their publishing in http://moni.bg.
http://moni.bg keeps cookies and log files aiming at customizing and improving its services. 
http://moni.bg may use the instrument Google Analytics as well as other online instruments to record the visits to its internet site and the behaviour of the users.

Terms for Purchasing from http://moni.bg

The methods of payments, the terms of delivery and the discounts in online shop http://moni.bg are specified in the sections Delivery and Payment, and Discounts.

Moni is not Responsible for:

Possible omissions related to the update of the information which it maintains on the internet site.
Violation of the authenticity of the information on the internet site by computer viruses, technical problems and similar.
Sudden low warehouse stock.
Inaccuracies in the information about the merchandise provided by the manufacturer.

Delay or failure to execute the liabilities due to reasons beyond the control of the company.
Possible differences in colours of the purchased products due to specifics of the computer screens.
The order for purchasing particular products is accepted for expressed consent by the user regarding their type and quality.
All merchandise purchased from the site on http://moni.bg are sent through courier companies. For each loss or violation of the integrity of the merchandise during shipment, only the courier company is responsible. By signing the acknowledgement of receipt of the merchandise, you confirm that you received the merchandise in type, quantity and quality which corresponds to your order to http://moni.bg.

Rights of Online Shop Moni:

To refuse orders without the obligation to pay indemnity to the user except where a sum paid by the user in advance should be refunded.
To edit the whole contents in the online shop without prior notice. The changes are effective after the publication in the site.
Not to be responsible if the client did not check the integrity of the parcel in the presence of the courier and it turns out later that it has been violated.

Rights and Obligations of the User:


The user has the right to be informed about the status of their order.
The user has the right to change their personal information through their account in the online shop.
The user has the right to replace or return a product according to the specified terms of reclamation. 


To observe the procedure and terms for reclamation existing at the time of placing the order.
To check the shipment at the time of its receipt in the presence of the courier who supplies it.
To pay the price which is current at the time of the order.
To observe the Bulgarian legislation, these General Terms and the internet ethics.
Not to extract by technical means or any other manner information resources belonging to the internet site database.
Not to perform ill-intentional actions according to the meaning of these General Terms.
To fill in the information about the order using Cyrillic alphabet.

Right of Refusal of Merchandise

The user has the right pursuant to art. 55, para.1 of the User Protection Law to refuse the received merchandise within 14 (fourteen) working days of the date of receipt of the merchandise. In this case, the sums paid by the user will be refunded to them by a bank transfer not later than 20 working days after the date on which the user exercised their right to refuse the merchandise  pursuant to art. 55, para. 6 of the User Protection Law.

Within 14 days after the receipt of the merchandise, the client has the right to refuse the merchandise in observance of the following conditions:
Preserved good commercial appearance – the original package should not be torn or damaged, it should be in the form in which it was received. The
merchandise should not have been used, washed, ironed, assembled.
There are no damages caused by irregular use and/or assembly and no stickers have been stuck to it.
Preserved original package, consumables and accessories if such were provided.
The transport expenses for returning the merchandise are at the expense of the User.
When merchandise is replaced due to incorrectly executed order, the transport expenses are covered by Moni in both directions.
You should send us an e-mail by which, you notify us about the return of the merchandise.

Right of reclamation

Each client has the right of reclamation pursuant to art. 119 of CPL.
If, at the time of receiving the merchandise, it has disturbed or torn package due to incorrect transportation or there are shortages, the reclamation and insurance will be respected only in the presence of the courier. In this case, contact us immediately or refuse to accept the merchandise. When the courier has already left, the reclamation and insurance will not be accepted. The reclamation is certified by a note in the courier waybill. A statement is prepared in which, the ascertained condition of the shipped item(s) and the package is to be certified. If you accept the parcel at your responsibility and do not place your claims
before the courier, the reclamation is considered void.

According to the User Protection law and the trade rules, the user has the right of reclamation in case of:
Ascertained shortages;
Defects of the merchandise;
Inconsistence with the announced brand.You should send us an e-mail by which, you notify us about the reclamation and/or return of the product.

For the warranty products, the transport expenses are covered by moni.bg

When placing the reclamation, the user may claim:
service maintenance; 

replacement of the merchandise with a new one;
price discount; Pursuant to art. 114 (2) of the CPL, the User cannot claim the refund of the paid sum or for reduction of the price of the merchandise when the merchant agrees to make a replacement of the user merchandise with a new one or to repair the merchandise within one month of the reclamation being made by the user.

Reclamations for inconsistence of the merchandise with the agreed model, make, pattern or with a found factory defect may be placed by writing to us to email: web@moni.bg or calling us at +359 2/ 9360790. You will receive an opinion on the placed reclamation within 10 working days. The term for satisfying a reasonable reclamation is 30 calendar days.
Pursuant to art. 59 (1) of CPL, in case of impossibility to execute the order due to temporary lack of stock of a certain merchandise, certain size, pattern or colour, as well as in case of delay of the order due to expectation of newly imported items or a new batch of production, you will be notified by a phone call or letter and, as possible, you will be offered alternative articles (colours, patterns) of the same quality and price.

Delivery and Payment

Method of delivery

The delivery is done through courier companies which deliver to you the ordered items at an address specified by you.

Time Limits for Delivery:

All products in this shop are delivered from the warehouse facility of Moni Trade OOD.
The time limit for delivery is 5 working days of confirmation of the order on the phone by our employee.

Method of payment:

The payment is done through the courier company which performs shipment with cash on delivery. The courier service is paid by the buyer as follows:

- for delivery of goods in Sofia – 3 levs;
- for delivery of goods in the whole country - 6 levs;
- for delivery of goods whose value is more than 100 levs – free of charge.

The prices are valid only for the territory of Bulgaria  and are not applicable for additional discounts or promotions.


Once you create your account in the electronic shop Moni, you become our VIP client and automatically receive the following discounts for registration:

-With first purchase - 15% of the value of your first order.
-With each subsequent purchase - 5% of the value of your order.

The discounts for registration are valid until the end of 2017. All discounts are valid only for purchasing in the territory of Bulgaria.

There is also section Promotion in the site – the discounts in this section are not affected by other discounts and the discount for registration is not valid for them, either.
When there is an option to use a different discount in electronic shop Moni, the site calculates the highest value of discount for a given product and no 2 or more discounts can be applied simultaneously for one and the same product.

The company Moni Trade OOD reserves the right to change the value of the discounts and the promotions in its online shop at its discretion at any time without an advance notice.

Terms for copying information

The whole information published on http://moni.bg is ownership of http://moni.bg, including pictures and descriptions of items.
http://moni.bg  entitles owners of other sites and users to publish links to online shop http://moni.bg
The copying of texts from http://moni.bg  and pasting them in other internet sites and online shops is forbidden without the written consent of http://moni.bg or without specifying the source by placing the following text: „Source: Baby’s online shop Moni”, and "Baby’s online shop Moni" is a link to http://moni.bg.


All messages should be sent to Moni by e-mail to the e-mail account: web@moni.bg or by mail to address: Sofia, 1298, Trebich district, 1 Stopansko Dvor Str.
The messages will be deemd received when the e-mail is received (or on the next working day if it is received iat the weekend or on a day which is a public holiday at the place of receipt).

Severability clause

Where any provision of this Agreement is recognized for contradicting the imperative norms, void or inapplicable due to any reason, then this provision will be considered independent of the remaining provisions and will not affect the effect and applicability of any of the remaining provisions.

Force majeure

None of the parties will be held responsible for any loss suffered by the other party or be deemed to be in default or poor performance (different from failure to fulfill the obligation for performing payments) arising from actions or events beyond the scope of its reasonable control.